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Help our Rey of sunshine

This important eye surgery will change her life

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Rey came to our rescue this June and we knew right away that she would need an entire community to rally behind her. Rey's eyes are badly clouded and pronounced and it's impossible to run your hand along any part of her body without feeling her sharp, tiny bones. She was surrendered because she needed surgery that her owner couldn't afford. Her extreme weight loss was another concern.

Looking at Rey and seeing the condition that she's in is difficult, knowing how uncomfortable she must be is even harder. She has glaucoma in each eye and the pressure she is experiencing is affecting her in a major way. After consultations with our veterinarians, it's clear that both eyes need to be removed. We are devastated for her loss of vision but we know that her eyes are already not functioning and cannot be saved. We would be doing her an incredible favor by raising enough money to cover this surgery. We will be running tests after her surgery as well which will give us some more answers about her health and general well being.

She radiates unconditional love every time she encounters a kind person. Our kennel techs and front office staff have simply fallen in love with her. Each of us take turns looking after her and making sure she is alright throughout the day. Right now she is being fostered by our employee, Evi, and she is doing much better in a home setting. Please help us as we prepare her for the surgery that will increase her quality of life and comfort.

It is so important to us that we set all of our dogs up with as many resources and opportunities as possible so that they can go on to live happy, healthy lives. Rey is struggling right now and she needs your help. Please donate today.