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Help us save lives December 1st!

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Our rescue dogs need your help

This Giving Tuesday we would like to share some incredible and heartwarming stories of dogs who were given a second chance thanks to our rescue and donors.

Every year we save homeless pups who have been victims of neglect and/or abuse. They often require extra attention, time, and funds for life saving surgeries. They are an inspiration to us and seeing their smiling faces in their new homes makes all of the hard work worth it. They remind us no matter what we may be facing or trying to heal from that we can pull through and find true happiness in the present and future. You can help ensure that we will continue to be here for them. Please donate today to show your support for the dogs who have yet to be saved and to celebrate those who now live beautiful lives thanks to HSAR. Our mission and success depends on you!

To help our dogs all year round please consider a monthly gift. As an employee I give $15 a month because I've witnessed what goes on behind the scenes and I support it with my entire heart. Our kennel technicians and front office staff truly care; they show up everyday to make sure that these pups enjoy their stay and end up in loving, kind homes. It is a gift to experience the magic of HSAR and we hope that you'll join in and be a part of it.

This year has been difficult for so many of us but you can find some comfort in knowing that you’ve made a positive and lasting difference. When you donate to HSAR, you are investing in your community’s happiness and well being; you’re investing in another life saved.


Bonnie was transferred to HSAR alongside her brother, Clyde. They arrived paralyzed by their fear of people and all of the new sights. After running around in Greenville for months as strays and getting used to the feral lifestyle, our rescue was a lot to take in for them. We sometimes had to carry them from one place to another because they simply would not move. At first they wouldn't make any attempt to welcome a stranger but eventually one of our board members, Kimberly Kaznowski, was able to break down their walls little by little. They spent hours outside on walks and in the play yards getting used to being around a person. An angel of an adopter came along and met with Clyde multiple times before deciding that he wanted to welcome him home. Bonnie was always the more reserved and shy of the two and she suddenly found herself at the rescue waiting without her brother to hide behind. Kimberly decided to foster Bonnie and after a few months it was clear that Bonnie had chosen her. She wiggled her way right into their home of misfit rescues. Bonnie now spends her days outside exploring all of the beauty that Plumas County has to offer and getting some snuggle time in with her HSAR alumus buddy, Bandit. We are so grateful that Bonnie found her peace in this world after having spent so much time living in fear.


We received a call in the winter of 2018 from Lassen Animal Control about a momma dog and her eight pups who were only a few days old. Our rescue often takes in puppies under 8 weeks from local shelters because we are equipped to give them the time and funding necessary to help them grow into healthy dogs. We met Lassen Animal Control at Hallelujah Junction and warmed up our van in an attempt to make our future passengers more comfortable. We saw Georgia and her pups and immediately fell in love. She'd been living outdoors for some time and had made a home for herself and her litter in an abandoned building. Someone spotted her carrying her litter one by one into their makeshift sanctuary and decided to call animal control. We transferred her over to the van and her pups followed. Each small face had a pair of eyes that were not yet open but we knew that in our care they would go on to find their forever families and see beautiful things. They were placed in our isolation wing with big, comfy blankets and a heated floor where they could grow up alongside one another. After 2 months in our care they all went on to find their families but Georgia was left behind, still waiting for the right person to come along. An incredible foster parent scooped her up and took her on the most beautiful, grand adventures that Georgia could've only dreamed of. She excelled on the trails and found true happiness in their home. After an adoption and return, Georgia went back to her foster home and it soon became her forever home. These days she spends most of her time enjoying the great outdoors and basking in front of her wood stove. Her adoptive family adores her and they feel blessed to have her in their lives.

The Terrier Family

Four tiny terriers found their way to our rescue this past Spring. They had been living in a hoarding situation where they were under socialized, over bred, and neglected. It was evident that Kimber was carrying a litter at the time. They were scared and unsure of us but after a few days they picked their favorites and started to feel more at home. Three of the four terriers were able to find their homes rather quickly but we knew that Kimber would have a longer stay with us. She gave birth to three healthy puppies at HSAR and cared for them until they were ready to be weaned and adopted. We received a call from a very excited family who just had to meet Kimber. They brought their sweet pup along and sat outside in the yard together for an hour, allowing Kimber to warm up to them at her own pace. She jumped up into the lap of her family members and we knew then that she would be loved and spoiled for the rest of her life. No more breeding, no more neglect, no more fear. She now spends her time riding horses with her mom and cuddling up with her sister during car rides.